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Hi, I’m Ahmed Fareed
a Business Mentor

I am your strategic partner in navigating the complexities of IT. Whether it's optimizing your IT infrastructure, driving digital transformation or product development, I provide comprehensive guidance and support. Get a second opinion before making big decisions about your IT.

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Product Development

Software Solutions Architecure, POC, MVP, SaaS, Product planning, Best practices, Resource management, Cost estimation, Risk management.

Team Development

Agile, CI/CD, Software outsourcing, Development processes, Tailored IT training and development programs for upskilling your team.

Cloud Migration

Assessment of current infrastructure to deliver a comprehensive migration strategy, overseeing the process and ensuring a smooth transition.

Pay-As-You-Go CTO

Expert guidance and support. Only pay for the services you use, when you need them. Make informed decisions and maximize your IT investment.

Digital Transformation

Digitalisation, Strategic analysis of your entire technology systems, Strategies to optimize your technology resources.

Digital Acceleration

Innovation, Business automation, Strategic IT planning, Recommendations for your organisation to grow.

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How to Build a Successful MVP

I wrote this eBook to guide startups and founders how to develop a stellar MVP that succeeds in the market.

This eBook is a compilation of helpful, actionable tips and insights to help you with your product development.

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I foster knowledge-sharing, community engagement, and skill development within the tech community. I do this by sharing insights on social media, giving helpful tips in my videos online and hosting events & workshops in-person in Leicester, UK.

What Clients Say


Curtis Wilson - Chief Technology Officer

"I really appreciate how professional and knowledgeable Ahmed is, he gave us a software solution design and detailed development roadmap. I highly recommend him for anyone needing soemone with experience or expertise.'

James Hudson - Chief Technology Officer

"Ahmed helped us automate our business and has made a signifcant impact on the way we do things now. Ahmed's attention to detail, commitment to quality, and timely delivery were excellent. He provides a great service."

Katherine Goddard - IT Director

"We were looking for ways to improve and work on our MVP and Ahmed provided a great second opinion on our strategy. It was really handy having another pair of eyes before spending the development cost."

Rajeev Patel - Development Director

"Ahmed has been helping guide the development of our SaaS product. He is friendly, helpful and a pleasure to work with."


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